Zühal Bozdağlı aus der Türkei ist als Freiwillige im Europahaus Klagenfurt von März 2022 bis Dezember 2022 tätig.

Hi, My name is Zühal. I am volunteering at Europahaus Klagenfurt for 10 months. I am originally from Turkey.

First of all, I would like to state that being here is extremely important to me and it is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Because by being accepted to this project, I gained my first experience abroad and I believe that this opportunity will really bring added value to my life.

After graduating from the International Relations department in 2020, I wanted to add to the knowledge and experience I gained to improve myself a little more personally. For example, I wanted to improve my foreign language. To be able to do this, going abroad and at the same time getting to know to know a new country, is a wonderful possibility. I wanted to gain this experience by participating in the volunteering program of the European Solidarity Corps. This is more the right way to gain this experience. For this, I did what was necessary and I am here now.:)

In the social responsibility societies I was a member during my university years and in an association where I was one of the founding members. My duties were generally related to social media posts, their arrangement and implementation. At Europahaus Klagenfurt, I am working on the social media posts of the association and the design of these posts, and I really enjoy it. With this task, which I love to do, I aim developing myself more in the field of graphic design.

I have been here for about four months. During this time I had the possibility to attend a three-week German course.  It was an intensive German course and it was very productive for me as well as I enjoyed it very much. In this process, I attended the activities held on weekends here, one of them was nature walks and I think it is one of my favorite activities. Klagenfurt has a unique natural landscape; forests, lakes, mountains… All we have to do is to admire and explore. 🙂 I’ve met so many nice people and made friends here and I’m sure there will be many more because everyone I know is really genuine and friendly.

It is really hard for me to describe the happiness I feel to be here finally, it is a unique experience for me. I am very impatient and excited for every moment I will live here…