My name is Oleksandra Zaliubovska, I am 25 years old. I am from Ukraine but since February 2020 I’ve been a volunteer in Europahaus Klagenfurt in the frame of the program European Solidarity Corps. My formal education is related with Finance and Economic. Also I’ve worked as an accountant for 3 years before I decided to apply for this project.

Why would I like to become a volunteer? First it helps not to focus on your own problems and to find a sense of purpose while helping people who truly need this. This work could give me a huge range of useful skills, become a part of the community. Volunteering can let me meet people from everywhere that could be a new possibility to get a new experience.
I decided to look for a volunteering abroad because besides the abilities to help, it would be a great opportunity to improve languages skills, participating with other people and colleagues. Why Austria? Before I had the opportunity to spent here few weeks and I was amazed how different this country is. From the powerful and majestic capital on the one side and beautiful and handsome nature on another side. Since that travel I’ve had a dream to know this country and the culture more.

About my dailies duties, I help my team in organizing different events, exhibitions, activities, workshops, projects, support the social media and public relation, inform young people about possibilities of EU.