Olga Utan aus Moldawien ist als Freiwillige im Europahaus Klagenfurt von Februar 2021 bis Jänner 2022 tätig.

2020 was a hard year for all of us, we have experienced a lot of frustrating changes in our lives, but time is not waiting for pandemics or crises to go away. Time flows and our life continues, so we need to adapt to the circumstances we are in. These thoughts stay behind my motivation to come to Austria as a European Solidarity Corps Volunteer. To make the world a better place, to make our lives more meaningful and excited is a choice, that we are making each day.

Exploring new countries and cultures for me was always the biggest source of inspiration. And moving to such a great country as Austria, with beautiful landscape, friendly people and reach culture, is like a breath of fresh air.  All these accompanied by my volunteering work in Europa Haus is an amazing experience. As a volunteer in Europa Haus, I am responsible for social media management, which helps me to make my contribution to society. I am glad to be the one who informs people in a fast and efficient way about important projects and news of the European Union.

I am really looking forward to times when I and my hosting organization will be also able to organize offline events for young people with real-life interaction. We all miss it and need it.

They say that each crisis is an opportunity, for me, the Covid Pandemic became an opportunity to join a great project with great people and great ideas.